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Brenden Flundra

Brenden Flundra is a certified LEGACY Real Estate Investment Advisor (LREIA). Brenden and his wife of 6 years grew up in rural Manitoba, and they have lived in Penticton, British Columbia for the past 12 years. In 2018, they were blessed to welcome their son Benjamin into their lives. In addition to being a real estate investor and LREIA, Brenden is also a certified Heavy Equipment Technician (HET). Throughout his career he has been able to see much of Western Canada, work in the ski industry and be a business owner.

His passion for real estate came from a co-worker’s recommendation to read Don R. Campbell’s “Real Estate Investing In Canada.” Instantly, he started his journey to learn as much as he could about what he feels is the strongest asset class to invest in – real estate. Brenden became a member of the Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN), attended workshops, and joined groups of like-minded investors and educators. Inspired by so many stories of taking action and success while displaying business ethics, he knew this was the entrepreneurial journey he had been searching for. Along with the support of his wife, they are working to create a financial outcome by design.

Brenden’s journey through the world of real estate allowed him to gain some extensive experience in the local market and beyond. He purchased his first single family home in 2010. Through renovations that he performed and equity appreciation, he was able to purchase two more single family homes, one with a legal suite that helps add income and manage risk of vacancy.

Brenden primarily focuses on advising investors, assisting them with protecting their portfolios, as well as helping them secure unique opportunities. With a strong focus on transparency and customer service, Brenden prides himself on providing a quality service through his extensive professional networks, as well as his knowledge of the local market and beyond. He truly feels rewarded when he can help someone navigate through a situation or find an alternative avenue to their goals.

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What Could Go Wrong

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